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Theory of Continental Drift Continental Drift : Movement of rigid continental crust over plastic asthenosphere Plate Tectonics : geophysical processes producing and destroying oceanic crust Basic Observation : Fit of continental margins Snider-Pelligrine, Alfred L. Wegener Primary Observation: fit of continental margins Book Geology : trans-Atlantic alignment of mountains, alignment of rock strata Geophysics : change in elevation implies crustal plasticity Paleontology : Glosopteris flora distribution in S. Hemisphere Paleoclimatology : tropical coal beds in Northern Europe, tillites in tropical Africa Biogeography : marsupials and Nothofagus in South America and Australia. Wegener Book revision Match of continental margins as in book Crust : Continental felsic rocks vs. Scientific Opposition to Continental Drift Unsubstantiated assumptions not proof Alternative explanations for paleontological patterns Errors in Fact Continent movement rates too fast Earth much older than Wegener believed Geological and paleontological data too scanty for rigorous test No Geophysical Mechanism to force the continents to move.
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The Age of the Ocean Floor

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A science blog designed for community education. Biomedical Imaging, Nanotechnology,Theory of Relativity, Physics of the Nucleus, Making of the Atomic Bomb, Plate Tectonics and many other subjects are discussed in detail without the use of higher maths. For further information - Contact ektalks yahoo. Post a comment. About Me Ravi Singhal Science communication is important in today's technologically advanced society.
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What are the Earth's layers?

Seafloor spreading is a geologic process where there is a gradual addition of new oceanic crust in the Ocean floor through a volcanic activity while moving the older rocks away from the mid-oceanic ridge. Seafloor spreading was proposed by an American geophysicist, Harry H. Hess in By the use of the sonar, Hess was able to map the ocean floor and discovered the mid-Atlantic ridge mid-ocean ridge. He also found out that the temperature near to the mid-Atlantic ridge was warmer than the surface away from it.
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When one hears the word "creationism," it spawns thoughts of a literal six-day creation of the universe, the Earth, and all life. However, this has not always been the belief of a majority of creationists. Until the last hundred years or so, most religious leaders admitted that one could reasonably interpret long ages of creation instead of hour days Numbers x.
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