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The Reliability of Radiocarbon Dating

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Carbon - Wikipedia

Carbon is an incredible element. Arrange carbon atoms in one way, and they become soft, pliable graphite. Re-jigger the arrangement, and — presto! Carbon is also the key ingredient for most life on Earth; the pigment that made the first tattoos; and the basis for technological marvels such as graphene, which is a material stronger than steel and more flexible than rubber. Carbon occurs naturally as carbon, which makes up almost 99 percent of the carbon in the universe; carbon, which makes up about 1 percent; and carbon, which makes up a minuscule amount of overall carbon but is very important in dating organic objects. As the sixth-most abundant element in the universe, carbon forms in the belly of stars in a reaction called the triple-alpha process, according to the Swinburne Center for Astrophysics and Supercomputing. In older stars that have burned most of their hydrogen , leftover helium accumulates.
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How has radiocarbon dating changed archaeology?

There's a surprising amount of information stored in the hardened plaque, or calculus, between teeth. And if that calculus belongs to the remains of a person who lived in ancient times, the information could reveal new insights about the past. But the tiny samples can be difficult to work with. Now, in ACS' Journal of Proteome Research , scientists apply a new method to this analysis, finding more proteins than traditional approaches. The human mouth is full of interesting molecules: DNA and enzymes in saliva, proteins and lipids from bits of food stuck between teeth, the bacterial citizens of the oral microbiome.
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Carbon is an extraordinary element. It occurs in more different forms than any other element in the periodic table. The periodic table is a chart that shows how chemical elements are related to each other. More than ten million compounds of carbon are known. No other element, except for hydrogen, occurs in even a fraction of that number of compounds.

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